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The  ComColor, like the HC series, uses Riso inkjet printing technology. The inks are low-cost, although the part numbers are different.

Riso launched the ComColor in 2009. It is a faster printer, with superior electronics, and a smaller footprint. Arguably, it is more reliable. Read more about the ComColor series.

HC Series

The HC series first appeared in 2004. It is a lower cost printer. Some customers prefer a lower cost refurbished HC series,  maintained by CAMRI to give high levels of reliability. Read more about the HC Series.

Purchasing a ComColor or an HC

For both types of printer, you can choose between:

  • Outright purchase;
  • Fixed 3 to 5 year rental agreement.

Rental agreements are popular, especially in the public sector. You can pay:

  • Monthly;
  • Quarterly;
  • Annually.

At the end of the rental agreement,  you can:

  • Upgrade to a new printer;
  • Keep the printer, and just pay for CAMRI’s support and services;
  • Occasionally, CAMRI purchases old printers from customers. Depending on the economy, there can be demand for refurbished machines.