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Riso Duplicator Inks

Black Inks All Duplicators

Product Size Code
TR Black Ink 800ml Box S-952E
CR Black Ink 800ml S-2487E
RA/RC Black Ink 1000ml S-569E
GR Black Ink (for all GR models except GR3700 1000ml S-539E
GR Black Ink HD (for GR3770) 1000ml S-2314E
FR Black Ink Use RP Soyink Black S-3919E
RN Soyink Black E 1000ml S-4205E
RP Soyink Black E 1000ml S-3919E
RP Soyink HD Black 1000ml S-3380GE
Z Type Black Ink E -for all RZ (except RZ970, RZ977) and MZ770 1000ml S-4253E
E Type E HD Black Ink E for MZ970 RZ970 RZ977 1000ml S-7124E
EZ Type Black Ink – for all EZ models 1000ml S-7612E

Coloured Inks

Colour Z Type Colour Riso Soyink
Blue S-7196E S-4387E
Red S-7205E S-4388E
Green S-7197E S-4389E
Brown S-7206E S-4390E
Yellow S-7207E S-4391E
Bright Red S-7199E S-4392E
Marine Red S-7208E S-4393E
Medium Blue S-7198E S-4394E
Federal Blue S-7200E S-4395E
Purple S-7201E S-4396E
Burgundy Red S-7195E S-4397E
Teal S-7202E S-4398E
Grey S-7214E S-4399E
Flat Gold S-7203E S-4403E
Hunter Green S-7204E S-4404E
Orange S-7209E S-4405E
Crimson S-7210E S-4406E
Fluorescent Pink S-7211E S-4201E
Fluorescent Orange S-7212E S-4201E
Light Grey S-7213E S-4201E
All above for box containing 2 tubes

TR and CR Coloured Inks (800ml)

Colour TR Colour Code CR Colour Code
Red S-728E S-2489E
Blue S-729E S-2490E
Green S-730E S-2491E
Brown S-731E S-2492E
Yellow S-2108E S-2493E
Bright Red S-2223E S-2494E