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Our customers used to waste thousands of pounds before they talked to CAMRI. Most were paying over 5 pence per colour print. 10,000 copies a month cost them around £18,000 over a typical three year contract.  Now our  customers pay:

  • 1.4 to 1.5 pence per sheet for a colour copy;
  • 0.4 pence per sheet for a black and white ;

see Why Riso for more detailed information

Some Reduction Practices

Some customers use the right printer for the right job:

  • Some customers used to have lots of small colour printers dotted around your offices. Colour prints can then cost  from 6 to 20 pence per sheet.
  • Other customers only allow their people to print black & white on local printers. Their people print colour copies on a centrally located Riso printer, and usually achieve the best savings.
  • Quite a few customers use our Print Management Software. Anyone can print the odd colour copy locally, and use the Riso for volume printing.

Print What You Can In-house

  • Some customers print a glossy cover with an external printer. Then they use their Riso finisher to bind the glossy cover with the Riso printed pages into a booklet.
  • For even higher quality, some customers purchase Riso paper which produces an even better finish with Riso inks.

Negotiate the Right Contract

  • Worst practice is to accept an additional “free” copier. Competitors often offer a “free” copier just before your rental agreement expires. They may suggest, for instance, that the original agreement was for 10,000 copies a month, and you’re doing 20,000 monthly copies.
  • This  costs you money. There is no such thing as a “free” copier. After 3 years you’ve paid for your copier. A “free” copier means starting a new rental agreement.  You’re now tied to the wrong copier, and expensive inks for even longer.
  • We work differently:  Our inks are low-cost.  Admittedly, our monthly rental costs are slightly higher.  When your 3 to 5 year agreement expires, our customers can keep their printer and switch to a low-cost maintenance and service agreement. Many Camri customers now pay us for maintenance and service, and just purchase low-cost inks, enjoying even lower cost printing.