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NASBM Case Study

Although the NASBM is not CAMRI’s client, the following is an interesting case study for the Riso ComColor 9050.

The NASBM – National Association of School Business Management is the UK’s leading association working exclusively on behalf of the school business management profession. Striving to constantly raise the standard of business management in schools, the association promotes continuous improvement and best practice.

Based in Rugby and serving a growing membership, “printing is at the heart of our communication”, explains Sushma Parmer, Business Manager, “with everything from conference handouts to training delegate packs, certificates, membership forms and invoices.”

“Before the arrival of our new ComColor 9050, we used a typical toner based photocopier, but it was very slow especially on things like mail merger and often there would be a queue for it on the lead up to conference because of our work load.”

“But the business case for the new ComColor 9050 was clear cut” explains Sushma. “With the incredible speed, reliability and the extremely low full colour cost it has made a big impact on productivity.”

William Simmonds, Chief Executive says “in business, I wouldn’t recommend anything I am not 100% totally happy with myself and I have already recommended it to many schools. Riso’s print investigation approach and its association with Investec means schools can benefit from this unique and eco-friendly technology. An investigative report highlights cost saving opportunities allied to approved operating leases.”

In operation, the ComColor 9050 at NASBM, fitted with the optional finishing unit can produce stapled and hole punched documents, including fully finished booklets.

Julia Warrington, Conference Administrator says, “the whole process of changing over to Riso was seamless. The delivery and installation was arranged to cause minimal impact to our working day, and the comprehensive onsite user training was excellent. We instantly felt able to get the best out of the new Riso, but if we did have any further questions Riso were on hand to offer support and as much follow up training as we needed.”

The speed, quality, reliability and flexibility of the Riso 9050 has made a big impact. Diane Gregory, Training Co-ordinator, explained that “in production of training materials the online hole punching as made an incredible difference and has saved us hours already. It is also very reliable.”

Sushma was also keen to point out that , “financially it’s been an excellent decision. Having had the ComColor for the last nine months, I would recommend the product to any school or business for a number of reasons. It’s fast, flexible and significantly increases productivity. It’s much more environmentally friendly than a normal photocopier. It’s so easy to use and clean too as there is no toner. My experience with the ComColor is far better than any other photocopier or printer I have ever used.”