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ComColour Printers

Recently Riso further improved their ComColour printers. These printers offer:

  • Colour and black & white: printing at much lower cost/sheet;
  • Print on wide variety of paper: Paper, cardstock, envelopes;
  • High resolution: 300 x 600 dpi, 600 x 600 dpi with line smoothing;
  • Simplicity: Colour LCD touch screen;
  • Add cover: Can load a glossy, preprinted cover;
  • Publishing: Adobe PostScript 3, so can print Postscript data created with Desktop Publishing Software;
  • Lower power consumption than older models:Standby:150W, Sleep:5W, Per sheet: 0.15Wh.
  • Small footprint: 235cms including finisher;
  • Wide paper range: Standard 46 g/m2 to 210 g/m2, Feed-Tray: 52g/m2 to 104g/m2. Can be increased to 400 g/m2 with optional Card Feed Kit;

ComColor Range

There are three printers in the Comcolor range – the top of the range 9150, mid-range 7150, and the entry level 3110.

The ComColor series

Product A4 sheets per minute A3 sheets per minute
Simplex Duplex Simplex Duplex
9150 150 75 80 40
7150 120 60 60 33
3110 90 45 n/a n/a

ComColor Accessories

ComColor’s accessories transform your print productivity. You can:

  • Scan: The HS5000 scanner scans at 600dpi.
  • Finish: staple, hole punch, fold.
  • Bind: The Perfect Binder prints books on-demand. It prints books in colour, and includes mechanisms for jogging the paper, trimming, gluing and binding.
  • Make booklets: The Booklet Maker makes 60 A4, B5 or A5 books per hour. It even prints a title on the spine. You can also insert printed cover, that were printed elsewhere, at higher resolution.
  • Stuff envelopes: The Wrapping Envelope Finisher provides everything for direct mail, produces 2,200 envelopes per hour. It prints in colour, then folds the paper, adds an address, encloses the sheet inside an envelope, and seal the envelope.
  • Print in volume: the High capacity feeder and stacker enable you to print high volumes, unattended. Essentially these are high-capacity paper storage units.
  • Merge headers & footers: Will add your companies standard header and footer to a document.