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Some Comments from CAMRI’S Customers:

“We have been using the Riso HC5500 for over two years and can only find good words to say about this excellent, easy to use printer. Apart from the speed at which it turns around materials, not only have we made significant savings on our reprographics expenditure but at the same time substantially improved the presentation of everything we produce. Low cost colour has meant that we can create documents which not only look professional, but bring a tremendous benefit to the students’ interest and understanding. Letters to parents are also now ┬ávery well received. The school looks ‘good on the page’ and the parents more readily read the contents. Every sheet is a first time copy.”

“In our school of 1350 pupils, all members of staff send their print jobs through the network to Reception where they are print managed for output on the HC5500. With the high operating speed – up to 120 prints per minute – these documents are turned around in no-time at all. An on-line finisher is fed by the printer and allows us automatically to collate sets, fold documents and even make multipage booklets. Production of bulletins, newsletters, work and exam papers, students work, even inside colour pages of the school prospectus and school travel itineraries in colour have never been easier.”

“We have found this Riso printer to be consistently reliable and good tempered in operation – it really is an excellent workhorse which because of its low cost of operation has saved us money on print budgets over the two years of operation. We recommend any of our fellow educational establishments to have a demonstration of this capable printer. It could revolutionise your reprographics facility – it did for us!”

Trina Cook, Receptionist, Soham Village College, Soham, Cambs

“I wouldn’t recommend anything I’m not 100% totally satisfied with myself and I have already recommended it (HC5500) to many schools”

William Simmonds, CEO, National Association of School Business Management

NASBM – the National Association of School Business Management is the UK’s leading association working exclusively on behalf of the school business management profession. Striving to raise the standard of business management in schools, the association promotes continuous improvement and best practice. ┬áRead the entire article.