Tel: 01223 420644

John R. Mammoliti manages CAMRI’s service and support.  We have customers across East Anglia, i.e, Norfolk, Cambridgeshire, Suffolk, Bedfordshire, Herfordshire and Essex.

John is probably more experienced than any other  Riso partner’s engineer in the UK. Since 1996 he has obtained 13 training certificates covering all  the Riso duplicators and printers we sell.

We provide same day response to morning calls, and next-day response for all other calls.  Planned service visits are usually arranged every 500,000 copies.

Major Customer Riso Printer and Duplicator Service Record

Organisation Machine Volume Period Visits Unplanned Visits
Local Political Party MZ 970 3.3 Million 3 years 8 All Planned
School (1,300 pupils) HC5500 2.5 Million 4.5 years 8 2 (Paper stock issues)
Hospital – central printing department MZ 970 5 Million 4 years 7 3
MZ 970 2.5 Million 4 years 7 2 (network)
RZ 970 5 Million 3 years 11 1 (network)