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Riso 1070 Duplicators

Duplicators first create a master copy of the original document. Then the duplicator prints from the master copy.

Duplicators become cost-effective when printing over about 20 copies.  Riso Duplicators:

  • Reproduce photographs and text with remarkable image quality:  including colour graduations and fine lines in the original document;
  • Rapidly print: up to 180 pages/minute. Nine times faster than monochrome laser printer;
  • Print high resolution: 600 * 600 dots per inch;
  • Handle wide paper range: 46g/m2 to 210 g/m2;
  • Choose from 20 standard coloured inks: plus custom colours to match your branding;
  • Separate colours automatically: or support use of 2-colour original, separation sheet, handwriting, area separation;
  • Edit: Define which areas, blocks of text, or photos should be printed in which colour;
  • Select print modes: Line for text only documents, pencil for pencil-drawn illustrations, 3 photo modes;
  • Print from USB;
  • Offer intuitive user interface;
  • Manage & monitor users: Monitor and limit individual’s or group’s usage;
  • Support confidentiality: Document prints only after you’ve entered your ID;
  • Reverse output: print in reverse order, as required by some collators.

Options include:

  • Large paper sizes: A3, and option for 340mm * 555mm;
  • Card feed kit: Print on thicker cards and envelopes i.e. 100g/m2 to 400 g/m2;
  • Colour drum: Hold wide variety of available colours;
  • Auto Document Feeder: Automatic feed to up to 50 sheets of double-sided originals;
  • Job Separator: Print & sort jobs into groups separated by tape;
  • PostScript: provides Adobe PostScript 3 compatibility
  • Networking: Duplicate from your PC;